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Russia Shuang-business scope:

> To customers throughout the declaration or transit: for the customers in the shipment for the rail transport of goods import and export declarations; for customers at the border ports for rail, road, air cargo import and export declarations for customers at the ports Rail transport of goods or transit transport of goods import and export transit.

> To provide services to customers: with rail boxes, owned from the factory or warehouse to pick up goods; arrange rail wagon loading; full rail / land / air transport / transit transport operations; "door to door" import and export direct transport Services; import and export declarations procedures (for port customs, transit); full transport dynamic tracking.

> Russia LTL cargo double door to door service;

> Russian formal (white) clearance door to door service;

> To provide customers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, land and sea air customs clearance services;

> Security for foreign customs clearance procedures.

Export Rebates (Export Rebates) tax, referred to as export tax rebate, its basic meaning is the return of export goods in the domestic production and circulation of the actual payment of value-added tax, consumption tax.

 The basis and calculation method of the value-added tax payable for the export goods of foreign trade enterprises:

(1) the separate establishment of the export goods inventory and sales account records, should be based on the purchase of export VAT invoices specified in the amount of the proceeds; the inventory and sales are weighted average price, may apply different Tax rebate rate of the goods were determined: the basis of export tax rebate = the number of goods * weighted average purchase price.

(Tax rebate rate from the general taxpayer to purchase and export goods, from small-scale taxpayers to purchase export goods for the levy rate), the amount of tax rebate rate =

(2) If the export enterprise entrusts the production enterprise to process the goods for export, the tax refund shall be based on the input amount specified in the special invoices for the purchase of raw materials for the processing of the goods and the payment of the processed goods.

Raw materials and materials should be tax rebate = purchase of raw and auxiliary materials VAT invoices listed in the amount of input and output of raw materials × tax rebate rate

Foreign trade enterprises for tax rebates required materials:

Customs declaration Declaration is the import or export of goods import and export enterprises to declare the Customs formalities, so that customs inspection and inspection by filling the documents.

2. Export sales invoice. This is the export enterprises under the export contract with the buyer signed the sales contract to fill out the documents, is the main certificate of foreign purchases, but also export enterprises accounting department to do with this billing basis for export sales revenue.

3. Purchase invoice. Provide purchase invoice is mainly to determine the supplier of export products, product names, units of measurement, quantity, whether the production enterprise sales price, in order to determine and calculate the purchase cost and so on.

4. Settlement of foreign exchange receipts or foreign exchange notification.

5. Is a manufacturer of direct export or commissioned the export of home-made products, where the CIF settlement of the CIF, but also should be accompanied by export goods consignment note and export insurance policy.

6. Enterprises with re-export processing business shall also submit to the tax authorities the contract number, date, name and quantity of the imported materials and parts, the name of the re-exported product, the amount of imported materials and the Tax amount and so on.

7. Proof of product taxation.

8. Export Proceeds Verified.

9. Other materials related to export tax rebates.

Division I specialized in the logistics between China and Russia customs clearance business, to provide customers in China procurement, the two transport, the two commodity inspection, the Russian declaration and the Russian territory warehousing, transit one-stop service and tailored to customers in China and Russia Trade whole logistics solutions. Around the world according to the different needs of customers, to provide on-site Lanshou, home delivery and other full-service. The country can come to Lanshou, the whole territory of Russia can be delivered to your door! Everything we do, security entrusted to you more peace of mind!

Around the world is a professional to do the Russian logistics business. Specifically for the cooperation with the foreign trade enterprises, factories, electricity providers to provide cash on delivery business, in order to solve the problem of small and medium enterprises to return funds.
Cash on delivery conditions:
1. Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities can be cash on delivery.
2. Long-term cooperation large customers can go to Russia any city cash on delivery.
3. Special approval by the company leadership of customers can cash on delivery.